Accepted Papers

I. Track AI, data analytics and intelligent systems (BDIS)

Paper IDAuthorsTitle
3György Eigner, Miklós Nagy and Levente KovácsMachine learning application development to predict blood glucose level based on real time patient data
18Thu Le Kim and Vinh Sy LeA protein alignment partitioning method  for protein phylogenetic inference
20Sina Ardabili, Bertalan Beszedes, Laszlo Nadai, Szell Karoly, Amir Mosavi and Imre FeldeComparative Analysis of Single and Hybrid Neuro-Fuzzy-Based Models for an Industrial Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Control System
21Tuyen Thanh Thi Ho, Hung Vu and Bac LeEfficient Graph Classification via Graph Encoding Networks
22Quan Do and Pierre LarmandeCandidate gene prioritization using graph embedding
24Huy Nguyen, Khoi Nguyen, Loc Tran, Thien Nguyen, Duy Phan and Lung VuMulti-level detector for pornographic content using CNN models
26Ngoc Thanh Le, Thanh-Binh Le, Si-Duy Truong and Bac LeBuilding Filters for Vietnamese Chatbot Responses
27Sanaz Mojrian, Gergo Pinter, Javad Hassannataj Joloudari, Imre Felde, Narjes Nabipour, Laszlo Nadai and Amir MosaviHybrid Machine Learning Model of Extreme Learning Machine Radial basis function for Breast Cancer Detection and Diagnosis; a Multilayer Fuzzy Expert System
32Kristoffer Christensen, Zheng Ma, Yves Demazeau and Bo Noerregaard JoergensenAgent-based Modeling of Climate and Electricity Market Impact on Commercial Greenhouse Growers’ Demand Response Adoption
33Daniel Howard, Zheng Ma, Jesper Aaslyng and Bo JørgensenData Architecture for Digital Twin of Commercial Greenhouse Production
37Saeed Nosratabadi, Karoly Szell, Bertalan Beszedes, Imre Felde, Sina Ardabili and Amir MosaviComparative Analysis of ANN-ICA and ANN-GWO for Crop Yield Prediction
38Akarshani Amarasinghe and Viraj Brian WijesuriyaDrones vs Dengue: A Drone-Based Mosquito Control System for Preventing Dengue
39Laszlo Nadai, Imre Felde, Sina Ardabili, Tarahom Mesri Gundoshmian, Gergo Pinter and Amir MosaviPerformance Analysis of Combine Harvester using Hybrid Model of Artificial Neural Networks Particle Swarm Optimization
61Ngoc Lê, Manh-Tuan Dao, Hoang-Linh Nguyen, Tuyet-Nhi Nguyen and Hue VuAn Application of Random Walk on Fake Account Detection Problem: A Hybrid Approach
65Nguyen Duy Hieu, Nguyen Cat Ho and Vu Nhu LanAn efficient fuzzy time series forecasting model based on quantifying semantics of words
66Thuy Nguyen Thanh and Giang Tran Thi ChauVietnamese Sentiment Analysis for Hotel Review based on Overfitting Training and Ensemble Learning
70Vincent Jan Almero, Ronnie Ii Concepcion, Edwin Sybingco and Elmer DadiosAn Image Classifier for Fish Detection using Classification Tree-Artificial Neural Network Hybrid
77Tuan Tran, Nhat Nguyen, Trung Nguyen and An MaiVoting shrinkage algorithm for Covariance MatrixEstimation and its application to portfolio selection
81Minh Duc Pham, Kevin Chapuis, Alexis Drogoul, Benoit Gaudou, Arnaud Grignard, Nicolas Marilleau and Tri Nguyen-HuuHoanKiemAir: simulating impacts of urban management practices on traffic and air pollution using a tangible agent-based model
95Thuan Le Duc, Huong Pham Van, Hiep Hoang Van and Nguyễn Kim KhánhImprovement of feature set based on Apriori algorithm in Android malware classification using machine learning method
103Rogelio Ruzcko Tobias, Luigi Carlo De Jesus, Matt Ervin Mital, Sandy Lauguico, Marielet Guillermo, Edwin Sybingco, Argel Bandala and Elmer DadiosCNN-based Deep Learning Model for Chest X-ray Health Classification Using TensorFlow
107Pha A. NguyenTracking customers in crowded retail scenes with Siamese Tracker
135Trung-Minh Tran, Minh-Man Ngo, Duc Pham-Hi and Marc BuiBayesian Calibration of Hyperparameters in Agent-Based Stock Market
138Ghazanfar Latif, Muhammad Butt and Jaafar AlghazoUltrasound Image Despeckling and detection of Breast Cancer using Deep CNN

II. Track Cyber-security (CyberSec)

Paper IDAuthorsTitle
31Hai Nhat Nguyen, Trung Duy Pham and Ha Thi Hong NguyenRight protection mechanism based on optimal robust watermarking for shared EEG data
79Hiep Pham and Tuan Anh NguyenA Design Theory-Based Gamification Approach for Information Security Training
99Dang Kien Hoang, Dai Tho Nguyen and Duy Loi VuIoT Malware Classification Based on System Calls
117Kiều Minh Việt, Nguyễn Đại Thọ and Nguyễn Thanh ThủyA Way to Estimate TCP Throughput under Low-Rate DDoS Attacks: One TCP Flow
128Hoang Khoa Nghi, The Duy Phan, Hien Do Hoang, Do Thi Thu Hien and Van-Hau PhamForensic analysis of TikTok application to seek digital artifacts on Android smartphone
129Ngoc Lê, Manh Nguyen, Trang Truong, Ngoc-Dam Nguyen and Tra NgôA Machine Learning Approach for Real Time Android Malware Detection
130Minh Hoang T. B., Duy Dang-Pham, Ai-Phuong Hoang, Bao Le Gia and Mathews NkhomaNetwork Analytics for Improving Students’ Cybersecurity Awareness in Online Learning Systems

III. Track Image, Language, and Speech Processing (ILSP)

Paper IDAuthorsTitle
34Son Luu, Hung Nguyen, Kiet Nguyen and Ngan Luu Thuy NguyenComparison Between Traditional Machine Learning Models And Neural Network Models For Vietnamese Hate Speech Detection
49Tuan Nguyen, Dat Ngo and Lam PhamA Re-trained Model Based On Multi-kernel Convolutional Neural Network for Acoustic Scene Classification
50Thị Thu Hồng Lê, Chí Thành Nguyễn and Quốc Long TrầnPolyp Segmentation in Colonoscopy Images Using Ensembles of U-Nets with EfficientNet and Asymmetric Similarity Loss Function
51Ngoc Lê, Ngoc-Yen Nguyen and Anh-Duong TrinhOn the Vietnamese Name Entity Recognition: A Deep Learning Method Approach
54Hung Ngoc Phan, Long Hoang Pham, Nhat Minh Chung and Synh Viet-Uyen HaImproved Shadow Removal Algorithm for Vehicle Classification in Traffic Surveillance System
55Long Hoang Pham, Hung Ngoc Phan, Nhat Minh Chung, Tuan-Anh Vu and Synh Viet-Uyen HaA Robust Multiclass Vehicle Detection and Classification Algorithm for Traffic Surveillance System
58Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy, Ngo Xuan Bach and Tu Minh PhuongLeveraging Foreign Language Labeled Data for Aspect-Based Opinion Mining
73Huu Duy Le and Van Tuan PhamImproving Bi-Real Net with block-wise quantization and multiple-steps binarization on activation
78Van Ngoc Duong, Hai Vu and Viet Vu VuExploiting the fine-grained similarity of a large-scale rice species using shape motif discovery
97Tin Huynh, Kiet Nguyen, Ngan Nguyen and Anh NguyenJob Prediction: From Deep Neural Network Models to Applications
114Ngoc Lê, Lam Nguyen, Son Nguyen and Duc NguyenOn Vietnamese Sentiment Analysis: A Transfer Learning Method
131Van Thanh Hoang, Van-Dung Hoang and Kang-Hyun JoRealtime Multi-Person Pose Estimation with RCNN and Depthwise Separable Convolution
133Dinh Phuong Nguyen and Tu Bao HoDrug-Drug Interaction Extraction via Relation BERT

IV.Track Smart computing and computational modelling (SCCM)

Paper IDAuthorsTitle
62Nguyen Thi Uyen, Nguyen Long Giang, Hoang Huu Viet and Truong-Thang NguyenA min-conflicts algorithm for maximum stable matchings of the hospitals/residents problem with ties
76Duc Tran, Anh Nguyen and Dat NguyenDesign and Implementation of Fuzzy-PI gyro-damping Controller for Ballistic
104Chien Vo Trung, Minh Ngoc Dinh and Eric DimlaPredicting Phase-field Behavior of Brittle Fracture Model based on LSTM Time Series Forecasting Model
112Quyet-Thang Huynh, The-Anh Le, Thanh-Hung Nguyen, Nhat-Hai Nguyen and Duc-Hieu NguyenA Method for Improvement the Parameter Estimation of Non-linear Regression in Growth Model to Predict Project Cost at Completion

V.Track Software engineering and information systems (SEIS)

Paper IDAuthorsTitle
87Minh Ngoc Dinh and Quang Minh NguyenMeasurements of errors in large-scale computational simulations at runtime
88Thi Mai Anh Bui, Thi Phương Anh Tran and Thi Ngoc Anh BuiEnhanced Genetic Algorithm for Automatic Generation of Unit and Integration Test Suite
93Van-Anh Ngo, Tuan-Thanh Le, Thi-Thuy-Nga Doan, Thi-Huong Tran and Ba-Lam DoExploration and Integration of Job Portals in Vietnam
94Van-Duy Pham, Canh-Tuan Tran, Thang Nguyen, Tien-Thao Nguyen, Ba-Lam Do, Thanh-Chung Dao and Binh Minh NguyenB-Box – A Decentralized Storage System Using IPFS, Attributed-based Encryption, and Blockchain
118Ngoc-Hoa Nguyen, Binh Minh Nguyen, Thanh-Chung Dao and Ba-Lam DoTowards Blockchainizing Land Valuation Certificate Management Procedures in Vietnam
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